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Lavender sachet

Lavender seeds help protect your clothing from moth and other insects. Hang it in closet or put it in dresser. Lavender sachet can be used as a source of calming scent during meditation practices, sleep, driving or at work.

Organza laundry bag

Protects your delicates in agressive machine wash. Remember, to extend life of delicate items choose cold wash and avoid machine dry as it destroys fibers and micro elastics.

Satin bag

For gentle and stress-free storage of delicate items such as underwear, hosiery and other.


Set includes: lavender sachet, organza laundry bag, satin bag, card, paper box. Gift package.

Closet care set

  • Shipping in Canada - standart Canada post rates

  • Since lace trim is upcycled, it may be different on lavender bags.

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