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This blouse, crafted from exquisite corn fabric, epitomizes softness and elegance, featuring self-covered buttons adorning one shoulder. Its versatility knows no bounds, seamlessly transitioning from a complement to cotton trousers to an elegant overlay for an orange slip dress.

Boasting a soft pearl shine and a subtly patterned texture, the fabric's uniqueness lies in its composition—it's made entirely from corn.

Corn blouse

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Wash

    • Hand wash is preferred over machine wash.

    • Use warm water, and gentle laundry detergent. The garment should be washed separately to avoid agitation and colour bleeding. 

    • Turn the item inside out and submerge it in the water.

    • Do not scrub, stretch, rub or over-agitate the item; this might cause fibres to warp. (This fabric has low elasticity so item can be permanently misshapen). Instead, stir gently and allow the item to soak for up to 30 minutes and more.

    • Hand wash gently.

    • Press or squeeze the excess water from the item without twisting or wringing.

    • Lay it on a towel to absorb some water, then hang when semi-dry, taking care to affix to a hanger on the proper seams.


    • When dry, press item inside out on low temperature (silk setting). Steaming is allowed on lower temperature and a sock on a steamer's head to prevent large droplets staining fabric.


    • Dry cleaning is allowed with gentle care if treated as silk.

    • Keep the garment in closet on hanger inside out to prevent it from accidental damage.

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