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The orange peels skirt exudes a sense of freedom, relaxation, and chicness, offering limitless styling possibilities—from formal to lounge or party attire.

Cut on the bias, the skirt gracefully embraces the body, accentuating its contours in the most flattering manner. This cutting technique allows the fabric to move in harmony with the body, preventing any horizontal or vertical tension.

Made from orange fabric that retains essential oils and vitamin C in its fibers for at least 20 washes, wearing this skirt is akin to applying nourishing cream to the skin, imparting a smooth and soft feel.

Orange peels bias skirt

  • Content: Orange satin 100%

    Texture: glossy outside and mat inside

    Fabric weight: 230-240 GSM (grams per square meter)

    Opacity: 95%

    Color: ivory, off-white

    Size: available in sizes XS to 4X.

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