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Silk always has distinct sound - like rustling of leaves. This silk has a story to rustle too. 


"Peace silk" took its name after the cruelty-free way of manufacturing this fabric. Instead of killing silk worms by boiling them (traditional way), sustainable silk farmers keep them growing until they transform into butterfly. Then they make cuts in cocoons and let the butterfly out. Cocoons then are boiled and treated further to become thread.

Silk used for this coat is crafted on hand loom. Coat has three layers - silk outer layer, recycled cotton interlayer and bemberg lining. This combo makes it strong and keeps crisp form.

More about this fabric here

Peace silk dress-coat

  • Content: Silk 100%, recycled cotton 100%, bemberg 100%

    Texture: slightly shaggy surface of silk, naturally uneven weaving rows, warm feel

    Fabric weight: 100 GSM (grams per square meter)

    Opacity: 100%

    Color: cream, beige

    Size: available in sizes XS to 4X.

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